germiones_muzh (germiones_muzh) wrote,

"О, если б мог мычать я, как горох..." - английский анонимный NONSENSE XVII века

желающие могут сделать попытку перевода.
Стихотворение одно время приписывалось поэту и драматургу Натаниэлу Ли, окончившему жизнь в лондонском Бедламе (сумасшедший дом) в 1692 г. Полные переводы на русский язык мне неизвестны; практически наверняка их нет. - Справедливости ради замечу, что в первой строке, судя по всему, имеется в виду традиционная британская гороховая каша с маслом (ныне с беконом); она в процессе приготовления вполне способна "мычать"... Но дальнейшее содержание вполне соответствует заявленному в названии.


Oh that my Lungs could bleat like butter'd Pease;
But bleating of my lungs bath Caught the itch,
And are as mangy as the Irish Seas.
That offer wary windmills to the Rich.

I grant that Rainbowes being lull’d asleep,
Snort linke a woodknifre in a Lady' eyes;
Which makes her grieve to see a pudding creep,
For Creeping puddings only please the wise.

Not that a hard-row'd herring should presume
To swing a tyth pig in a Cateskin purse ;
For fear the hailstons which did fall at Rome,
By lesning of the fault should make it worse.

For 't is most certain Winter woolsacks grow
From geese to swans if men could keep them so,
Till that the sheep shorn Planets gave the hint

To pickle pancakes in Geneva print.

Some men there were that did suppose the skie
Was made of Carbonado'd Antidotes ;
But my opinion is, a Whale's left eye,
Need not be coyned all King Harry groates.

The reason's plain, for Charon's Westerne barge
Running a tilt at the Subjunctive mood,
Beckoned to Bednal Green, and gave him charge
To fasten padlockes with Antartic food.

The End will be the Mill ponds must be laded,
To fish for white pots in a Country dance;
So they that suffered wrong and were upbraded
Shall be made friends in a left-handed trance.

Anonymous, 1617

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